Albion's longest serving manager has been commemorated by a plaque at the home which acted as his club office.

Joyce Watts, the daughter of Seagulls' legend Charlie Webb, and current chairman Dick Knight unveiled the plaque at 15 Frith Road, Hove.

It was funded by Albion's Collectors' and Historians' Society in recognition of Webb's extraordinary service to the club, which included 28 years as manager.

The Irishman was in charge of the team for more than 1,200 games between 1919 and 1947.

That marathon stint followed 79 goals in 275 matches for Albion as a player from 1908-15.

Joyce said: "On match days all the gate money used to come to Frith Road and we used to store it in our larder in a safe because the banks weren't open.

"For cup ties we even sold tickets from the house!"