I was appalled to see the police had once again fined Chris Eubank for not wearing a seat belt while for more serious matters of robbery and vandalism still abound.

Around a hundred or more people are killed or seriously injured by seat belts each year while statistics show non-wearers are far less likely to have an accident than wearers.

It is also untrue to say that not wearing a belt affects other road users.

On the contrary, it is the cavalier driving of some belted-in drivers that cause the vast majority of unnecessary accidents.

As several eminent correspondents have stated, if a six-inch spike at the centre of the steering wheel replaced the air bag accidents would drop overnight.

Accidents do not just happen. They are always caused - invariably by bad or inconsiderate driving and people blissfully unaware that seat belts have never prevented an accident but have indirectly been the cause of thousands.

It is high time this iniquitous law was removed and people given the free choice of whether or not be strapped into their vehicles.

-Harold Parkin, Horam, Heathfield