A Portuguese chef became obsessed with revenge after losing his job at a restaurant at Gatwick, a court heard.

Jose Pestana, 41, is accused of threatening to use home-made bombs to blow up Garfunkels after police found two improvised explosive devices at his home in Crawley in March this year.

The jury at Lewes Crown Court heard how Pestana, of Langley Parade, Langley Green, was forced to give up work as a chef after injuring his finger.

Pestana, from Madeira, received £22,500 compensation but believed he deserved £1 million.

His ex-flatmate Moises De Sousa, also from Madeira, told the court Pestana repeatedly threatened to blow up Garfunkels.

Mr De Sousa, speaking through an interpreter, said Pestana blamed poor management at the restaurant for the accident in 1995.

At first he believed Pestana was joking when he threatened to bomb the restaurant and kill the manager. But over time he became worried Pestana meant to carry out his threats.

Mr De Sousa said: "He was in a rage with Garfunkels because of the situation. He said he had made bombs and he would go to Garfunkels and try to kill the manager."

Earlier the court heard how the area around the flat had to be evacuated after the devices were found under a sofa Pestana used as a bed. The devices were made of firework powder wrapped in newspaper and strapped to two gas cylinders.

Walton Hornsby, prosecuting, said: "He didn't make them for a pyrotechnic display or out of idle curiosity or for fun but to pursue his dispute with Garfunkels."

Pestana has denied illegally possessing explosive substances and unlawfully and maliciously having explosive substances with intent to endanger life or property.

The trial continues.