A couple have gone to court claiming they need legal action to stop four of their neighbours harassing them.

Philip Cuddihy, 36, and his partner Patricia White, 48, say they have suffered abuse and threats.

After involving the police and Brighton and Hove City Council, the pair have taken matters into their own hands and launched their own legal action.

At Brighton County Court yesterday, Mr Cuddihy and Miss White, of Craven Road, Brighton, applied for injunctions against Stanley Clarke, Barry Salvage, Lynne Hallett and Julie Horne, who all live in the same street. Mr Cuddihy claims:

Mr Salvage poked him in the eye and butted him with his stomach, hissed, growled and threw things at him;

Mr Clarke threw a computer tower at him, bruising his stomach;

Miss Hallett forced her way into his home, threatened his partner, and made allegations about them to Sussex Police.

Miss White also claims Miss Horne assaulted her, stopped her entering her home and shouted abuse and obscenities at her.

Mr Cuddihy said: "I am constantly harassed by verbal abuse. We fear for our safety."

The four deny the accusations. Barrister Darren Howe, representing the four neighbours, said: "They wish to defend themselves against the allegations."

Mr Clarke, who lives with Miss Horne, was arrested and released without charge in August following the alleged computer tower assault.

Judge Carlton Edwards read out a letter saying police and the council had served Mr Cuddihy with a warning about anti-social behaviour.

Judge Edwards said: "I'm not going to make any orders today. This seems to me to be a complex matter that needs to be fully investigated."

He adjourned the case until after October 20.