Norman Baker MP reassures us he is against the compulsory addition of fluoride to drinking water (Letters, September 18) even though he voted for the Bill that contained the measure.

In the recent Parliamentary debate, he claimed it was "the right of local communities to decide" whether or not to fluoridate their water.

Greens believe that, in this case, no such "community right" exists.

It is for individuals to choose whether or not to self-medicate in this way, as explicitly provided for in the European Convention on Human Rights and the European Charter of Fundamental Rights.

It is not acceptable to invoke the right of the wider community over the individual to justify mass medication without consent.

The logic of Mr Baker's argument is that, if a majority of voters in an area voted in favour of fluoridation of drinking water, this should happen regardless of the wishes of those who oppose it.

This is an infringement of an individual's right to decide whether to take a medicine.

Greens oppose all measures that lead to compulsory fluoridation of water.

-Coun Richard Mallender (Green), Preston Park Ward, Brighton and Hove City Council