Two men were attacked by a gang of teenagers on the last day of a police operation to clamp down on street crime in Worthing.

The victims had been walking by Pond Lane Park in Durrington when they were set upon by more than ten youths, aged from 16 to 19 years.

The incident happened at the end of a police crackdown on violence in public places, called Operation Resolve III.

Youth gangs in Durrington have caused problems during the past year, with repeated incidents of vandalism plaguing homeowners.

Police put more resources on the streets but councillors have called for more support since they learned of the attack, which happened at midnight on September 13.

Councillors fear the problem of youth crime is far from solved.

Worthing Borough Councillor Christine Allen, ward councillor for Durrington, was horrified by the attack and wanted a Government-funded community warden scheme introduced.

She said: "We have two community police but it is a very big ward and I do not think enough is being done.

"Police come out to Durrington for incidents but I wish they would do more. I know they do not get a lot of resources and they spent a lot in the town centre during Operation Resolve."

Inspector Allan Lowe said: "Police are appealing for witnesses to this assault.

"A significant amount of police resources are directed towards tackling the concerns of people in Durrington, with police community support officers providing high visibility patrols and targeting by neighbourhood police officers.

"We are working with a number of agencies on tackling local problems and action is being taken, including the issuing of antisocial behaviour contracts. We take all matters of disorder seriously and will ensure this assault is investigated thoroughly.

"Operation Resolve has been a success, with officers on high visibility patrols dealing effectively with offenders and warding off any trouble.

"Our patrols in the town were very well received. It is important that we work together to help reduce crime.

"This activity will continue with the district's weekly operations to target hot spot areas. While our action cannot eradicate all violent crime, it goes a long way into enable people to feel safe in the town."

Any witnesses of the attack on September 13 can contact PC Nigel Lax on 0845 6070999.