Regarding the passing of the proposed plans for a peat processing plant at Shoreham Harbour (The Argus, May 29).

The good news is it will create 50 jobs in the area. Unfortunately, the interest in the celebrities living in the Western Esplanade overlooked the problems we face in the future with the increase in the volume of traffic on our local roads.

At the planning meeting I stated from the public gallery that residents living in Eastbrook Ward, Southwick, had expressed their concern at 50 lorries collecting and delivery peat each day passing their area.

I was informed they would be using the Church Road/Trafalgar Road access route in Portslade.

Any increase in traffic on neighbouring roads will have a detrimental effect on the whole of the area.

Before any proposals of this nature are considered in the future, the whole of the road system will have to be vastly improved.

-Councillor Jim Funnell, Southwick