If you've ever fancied working or surfing the internet while supping a pint of your favourite brew, four Brighton bars have just made it that little bit easier.

Thanks to wireless technology you can now pop in, flip open your laptop and trawl the internet for free while leisurely knocking back a beer or a cocktail.

Three Brighton computer experts have set up free wireless internet connections in four city bars.

One of them, Bar de la Mer, is down by the beach - ideal for anyone who wishes to get down to some work while enjoying the sea breeze and summer sunshine.

Brighton-based Looseconnection has installed the four wireless "hot spots" in Bar de la Mer in Kings Road Arches, The Black Lion in Black Lion Street, Riki Tik in Bond Street and Grand Central in Surrey Street.

All the customer needs is a wireless-enabled laptop. Internet and email access will be provided free.

Organisers Matthew Ryan, 33, Sam Dudman and Josh Russell, both 23, believe it is a revolutionary approach.

Looseconnection director Matthew said: "The three of us wanted to be able to use the internet in bars or cafes, thinking we were nerds and no one else would be interested.

"But the more we discussed it, the more it seemed other people were keen."

He's not worried the idea might fill bars with antisocial individuals more interested in scrutinising their computer screens than mixing with others.

He said: "A lot of bars find they're generally empty in the afternoons, so this will actually bring people into them.

"Also, I don't see there's an awful lot of difference between sitting in a cafe surfing the net or sitting reading a book or a newspaper, as people already do."

Bar de la Mer owner Steve Poole said: "I imagine it will go down well with people here for conferences. Though perhaps if people are concentrating on their computers they won't be drinking as much."

Dan Hills, general manager of Riki Tik, said: "It beats being stuck at home working. It's actually making the place more sociable - people are getting on with work while still chatting to other people."

Matt Evans, manager of The Black Lion, said: "You can't complain about free internet access. As more people find out about this we should get a lot busier."

Looseconnection intends to make its money through subsidies from the bars and charges for additional online business services.

For more details, see www.looseconnection.com