On behalf of the Brighton and Hove Area Board for Young Enterprise, I wish to thank The Argus for its excellent coverage - through Stefan Hull's reporting - of the Sussex Young Enterprise (YE) competition finals evening (The Argus, May 27).

This was the pinnacle of achievement for all the young people and their companies, each company being the winner from their respective areas of Sussex.

Footloose, the Best Company from the Brighton and Hove area, was well featured and deservedly won the Best Product award and runner-up to Best Company at the final through innovative design and a well-marketed quality product.

This is typical of the high standards aimed for by all our young achievers.

Most are 16-18 year olds who conceive, set up and run a proper business enterprise and, in the process, develop skills and experiences they will draw on for the rest of their lives.

In the coming academic year, we anticipate 12-16 new companies from within our board's area alone. The support for these companies is maintained by YE's volunteer advisors, drawn from local organisations such as American Express and HSBC.

Two advisors are needed for each company and this is where we need some help.

For the first time ever, we may have to restrict the number of entries in next year's competition, thereby denying some youngsters the YE experience, due to lack of advisor resource.

If anyone working or retired would like to help, for a few hours each month between September and April, to keep YE running at full steam, please contact me on 01273 777321.

More information about Young Enterprise can also be found at www.yesussex.co.uk.

-Derek Hillier, deputy chairman, Brighton and Hove Area Board for Young Enterprise