I am writing to let you know about a family's struggle to survive under the rules of so-called social security which, as the name suggests, is to protect and give financial security to people in need in our society.

My husband had to have a hernia operation and was on the sick list for four weeks.

His operation was on April 28 and we were told to claim from that date.

The first week, we weren't worried as we still had one week's pay from his work.

We didn't hear from social services for two weeks as they were checking all our claims then, on the third week, we got a single payment of £21.40 for both of us.

After that, we received a letter on May 21 stating that the law says the amount we both need to live on is £85.75.

They only gave us £21.40 a week because my husband gets statutory sick pay of £68.

So we went from £300 a week while he was working to £85.75 a week.

Is this justice and taking care of people?

Also, my husband can't get his money until June 4 by which time he will be paid by his firm and be back at work.

I really would like this sort of thing to stop happening to decent, working people. I am sure the people who make these laws couldn't live on this meagre amount.

It probably wouldn't even pay for their nights out with family and friends.

-Emilia Simmons (Mrs), Peacehaven