Mike Walsh, from Brighton, points out we misquoted him in his letter published on May 26.

We said 'to' (instead of two) people buying a Brighton and Hove Bus and Coach Company All-Day Saver ticket for seven days would have to pay a total of £33.60 or £16.80 each.

Sorry, Mr Walsh, but we all make mistakes and your own figures are somewhat misleading.

The company tells me there's a cheaper seven-day Saver ticket for £13 per person or £11 if you buy four together.

Gary Sayer says we got some facts wrong in our report on Monday last week of his car crashing through a Peacehaven couple's garden wall.

He is not a teenager as we said (from the couple's estimate) but 27, he was not breath tested (as the police told us), the car he was trying to avoid when the accident happened contained a father and his children, not a mother, and Gary did not "suffer from shock".

The systems support specialist says: "I was very jovial and having a laugh with the couple and the policeman."

Thanks, Gary, and it's good to know you were not hurt.

John Haffenden, the manager of Shoreham airport, asks that I point out the airport's restaurant is not closing after our story on Thursday last week saying The Comet restaurant and private members' bar there is to shut.

He says: "The Fly-In bar and restaurant is very much open and will be hosting several events for the Adur Festival in the coming weeks."

Charles Sutton, from Brighton, says the article on East Brighton College of Media Arts (Comart) two Fridays ago was wrong to state it opened as Stanley Deason School in 1972.

Mr Sutton, a former teacher at the school, says: "I am sure planning and building work began earlier but the school actually opened in September 1975, using the old buildings of Whitehawk and Queens Park Secondary Schools.

"Comart began in September 1999 and has had four people in charge - Tony Garwood (September 1999 to March 2000), Clive Frost (April to December 2000), Jill Clough (January 2001 to December 2002) and Jenny Pick (January to August 2003).

"I find small errors such as these irritating when they could so easily have been checked."

Sorry, sir.

It was only a small story on Tuesday but we managed to spell Kay Theis's surname as Thies and retire her from the Cercle Francais de Brighton and Hove of which she has been president, vice president and secretary, when in fact she is a life member and will still attend meetings.

"May I suggest you train your staff in accurate reporting before sending them out on a job?" asks Miss Theis. You may - and je suis dsol.

Our story in Monday's evening and Tuesday's morning editions about the Worthing cabbies who had scooped £185,000 on the National Lottery had the wrong numbers.

Their five winning Lotto numbers from the draw on Saturday, May 24, were 4, 22, 25, 30 and 34 and the bonus number of 35 (they missed 42). We said the 22 was 23 and the 30 was 25.

It was, however, one of the cabbies who supplied us with the numbers so perhaps he had had a couple of glasses of celebratory bubbly too many!

Richard Symonds, from Ifield, says an article on Hilaire Belloc in The Argus Weekend on May 24 borrowed "rather too heavily" from one on the Sussex writer published on April 9.

"I wouldn't have noticed this but for the date of the first article - the day in 1953 that Cyril 'South Downs' Joad died," explains Mr Symonds, a member of The Joad Society, adding: "Not even one feature on poor old Joad!"