Why is there all this hysteria about the existence or nonexistence of weapons of mass destruction?

No-one seems to be interested that a mass-murdering dictator who lived a capitalist life which made a genuine capitalist look like a pauper has been got rid of.

No-one either knows or cares to mention that the US is primarily responsible for converting about ten Communist dictatorships into friendly democracies and, since then, Yugoslavia and Afghanistan, where females can go to school and work again, and now Iraq.

With a lot more to go, this world is now 13 countries safer and the abuse hurled at the US instead of thanks is disgraceful.

Don't tell me the US has done it for financial profit, it has cost it trillions. Those 13 countries are all poor and on the breadline and will need aid for years to come.

I hope the US does not turn isolationist because when the next Hitler or Stalin comes along - and he will.

Europe, as always, will be too busy with its centuries-old infighting to see the danger and we will, as in the past 100 years, need the US if it can still stomach us.

My thanks to the USA.

-DS Stevens, Hove