Wildlife experts were called to the rescue of a swan being attacked by teenagers in Lewes.

It is the latest in a number of cases throughout Sussex when nesting swans have been terrorised.

Rescue officers have been called to Eastbourne and Worthing in the past fortnight to protect the birds during their breeding season.

In the latest incident, youngsters were spotted throwing objects at a swan sitting on a nest of eggs.

Members of the East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) were called to the scene, near Tesco in the town, yesterday morning.

Trevor Weeks, of WRAS, said: "The swan is sitting on her eggs and won't leave them. She's been there for about a week but there is another three weeks or so before they hatch.

"Kids were spotted throwing items across the river at the swan and her mate."

Mr Weeks was monitoring the birds and planning to ask security guards working for businesses in the area to watch the swans.

The birds are Crown property and a protected species and anyone caught killing or injuring one faces a hefty fine and even imprisonment.