Caretaker Stephan Bennett will look silly when he goes into his work at council blocks of flats in Kemp Town wearing a skirt as a protest.

But he will not be half as ridiculous as the health and safety rules that forbid him to wear shorts even in the spring heatwave.

Mr Bennett was sent home by Brighton and Hove City Council even though he said he was getting hot and uncomfortable wearing trousers while carrying out repairs.

Yet he has been wearing shorts in hot weather for three years without complaint or accident.

The council says he needs to wear protective clothing when he works with strong cleansing materials or in bin areas where there could be glass.

But caretakers such as Mr Bennett can use their common sense and wear protective clothing when it is needed.

The regulations are carrying health and safety protection to ridiculous lengths. They are based more on bureaucracy than common sense.

Mr Bennett and his colleagues will work better and more happily when they wear clothes in which they feel comfortable. There is no reason why this should not include shorts in hot weather.