One and done. That's what we call this time of year in the States and it pretty much sums up the edge-of-the-seat excitement of play-off basketball.

In fact, forget edge-of-your-seat. I expect to see you on your feet for our play-off quarter-final with London Towers at the Brighton Centre on Sunday.

I am expecting a tremendous test. Forget the fact that Towers came seventh in the league. They are a better team than that. Much better. So good they knocked us out of the Trophy and came within one shot of beating Chester in the final Kendrick Warren and Terrell Myers are big time players, Theo Dixon and Shaheen Holloway are talented and have hurt us this season and they have got a lot more good guys on their bench.

There is a wealth of talent there. It will be one hell of a basketball game and it could go either way.

The talk has been that Towers were aiming for seventh place all along because they expected us to be second and they fancied the match-up. You know something? There might just be something in that theory.

Towers are different to a lot of clubs. I have coached there and I know how things can go internally. I also know you never write them off.

We are hoping for a big crowd, even though the game tips off at 6pm on Easter Sunday. I know this is a family time but people have already told me they are changing their plans so they can be at the game. Remember our ticket hotline is (01273) 697400 and advance booking is recommended.

So what are we going to do to get you out of your seats and a bit more animated than you were last Sunday? Well I have had the guys training hard and I can see a spring in their step.

It is no secret we have struggled with injury and illness of late but we are in a heck of a lot better shape than when we went to Sheffield a fortnight ago. Take Wil Johnson. He has not been feeling too well but the way he trained yesterday was the best I have seen from him for a while.

When I say we have trained hard, I don't mean for long periods of time. I mean short, sharp bursts of intense work. Let's be honest, we have not played that well of late. Missing out on the league title took some wind out of our sails which I think is understandable.

I am a firm believer in not using up too much energy when it doesn't really matter. This week does matter though, it matters big time, and I jumped hard on them at training yesterday. I want to see them defending aggressively and moving the ball up court, the way I believe basketball should be played.

You wipe the slate clean at this time of year. It's one game and you either move on to the big dance or pack up the balls and go home. One and done? Let's hope our season is not quite done yet.

We will be enjoying ourselves too this weekend. How could you fail to have fun when the Globetrotters are in town?

We are turning the event into one of our Ballers' Evenings at Henry J. Bean's bar in West Street. The Bears team will be there from 6pm before the game and between 9.30-11pm afterwards to sign autographs and chat with fans. There will be Bears action on the big screen and we hope to add to the enjoyment of the evening for all the hoops fans in the area tomorrow.

It is going to be one big weekend. Let's get on with it.