I am lost for words with personal disgust at the negative attitude of several of our local MPs who have voted against the Government's stand on war with Iraq.

They are lucky they live in a democracy where people can speak their minds without the fear of torture or death, or both.

I have personal proof of atrocities committed against Iraq's own citizens for the most minor offences and would have always supported any action to bring down this regime, thereby freeing a nation of good people.

It was most nauseating to see Robin Cook being clapped on the shoulders by the very MPs who had lost Cabinet posts through negative performances.

This was "payback" time, so who is kidding who?

Most of the Labour MPs should be thanking Tony Blair for their very being as government MPs rather than opposition MPs.

Maybe they would prefer to see the South Coast return to Blue or, maybe, even Orange?

-John R Peirson-Hagger, Nizells Avenue, Hove