Almost £20,000 will be spent spreading the word in Worthing about a new recycling scheme.

Worthing Borough Council hopes to launch an improved waste collection programme on June 23.

Executive councillors agreed to cover the cost of marketing the project at a meeting last night.

The changes, which include increased recycling and composting to reduce the use of costly landfill sites, will include binmen having to collect rubbish from the front of people's homes.

Concerns for binmen's safety will mean they will no longer collect waste from alleyways behind homes, raising concerns for disabled residents who cannot carry their rubbish to the new collection points.

Les Mockford, the council's assistant head of contract services, said the marketing would inform residents about all the recycling opportunities.

He said: "Unfortunately, there are costs to making sure we get the message over to the public in such a way no one is in any doubt of what exactly is happening."

Opposition leader Steven Waite criticised the fact the cost of marketing had not been budgeted for and said: "Even before the new budget comes into force, the council would already like a supplementary estimate."

The marketing programme will include leaflets and public exhibitions.