Work costing £1 million is needed to repair Brighton's Royal Pavilion.

Experts say stonework renovation is required over the next four years.

Brighton and Hove City Council's policy committee is being recommended to earmark the first £40,000 for this work at a meeting on Wednesday.

Deputy chief executive Alan McCarthy said: "A recent survey has highlighted areas of stonework that require urgent repairs to safeguard the fabric of the building and reduce the risk of falling masonry."

More than £10 million was spent in the Eighties on a major renovation of the 200-year-old palace.

Councillors are also being asked to spend £40,000 on making better use of space in civic buildings.

A further £45,000 is needed to carry out annual asbestos inspections in council buildings.

Another £20,000 will go on improvements to Bartholomew Square.