As a mother of two soldiers out in Kuwait I make a plea to all of you who enjoy letter-writing to write to our lads in the war zone.

The letters they receive are so eagerly read and a terrific morale-booster.

Many of our lads have been placing ads in the daily national Press for pen-pals.

So, come on everyone - especially all you girls - please put pen to paper (using a bluey from the Post Office requires no postage cost) and give some our boys a smile.

Lots of them are very apprehensive being in a situation of which they do not know the outcome.

Here are my boys' addresses: 25051331 Cpl Alistair Logan, 11 GS COY, 2BN REME, BFPO 645, OP TELIC and 25078272 L/Cpl James Logan, FWD 20, 7CS COY, 2 BN REME, BFPO 645, OP TELIC.

-Mrs Paula Horton, New Road, Ridgewood, Uckfield