You would imagine, as Beth Orton toured Europe and America in support of her second album, that the lovely young folkie from Norfolk was having the time of her life.

But things weren't quite what they appeared. Already plagued by the highly-painful intestinal disorder Crohn's disease, after the tour she considered calling it quits.

Wondering if it was more important to stay healthy or be a rock star, she was also getting tired of touring, interviews and songwriting.

She turned her back on her craft for a while which, ironically, made her fall in love with what she does more than ever.

The result was her third album, Daybreaker, which was released last year.

The usual eclectic mix of collaborators turn up to lend the album a mixed-up feel, among them Emmylou Harris, Ben Watt, William Orbit, Ryan Adams and the Chemical Brothers.

It was Ed Simons of the Chemical Brothers who said she had the "voice of an angel".

Such a varied range of team mates means the album plays with many different genres and proves the versatility of Beth's voice.

However, the songs she excels at are the acoustic ones, where she still manages to tug at the heartstrings and her shattered-sugar vocals have the space they need to hit home.

At her wistful best, this is the first lady of folk as we all want her to be.

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