Busty model Jordan is making her acting debut in a steamy football drama as the girlfriend of a star footballer.

Art imitates life when the glamour girl from Brighton appears as herself in a tiny pink basque, quaffing champagne and kissing a football star in front of his jealous teammates.

Jordan, 24, appears in Sky One's football drama Dream Team, tottering around in high heels and mini-skirt on the arm of Tunisian striker Marcel Sabatier.

In the episode Bending The Truth, worried Harchester United bosses draft in Jordan to quash rumours that Marcel, played by Dhafer L'Abidine, is gay.

Marcel, who has been single since arriving at Harchester United from French club Paris Saint-Germain, has been the subject of increasing speculation regarding his sexuality.

Having faced internet rumours, stick from his teammates and tabloid hacks sniffing around for evidence for their stories, Sabatier is photographed visiting a well-known local gay man and the rumours grow even stronger.

Tash Parker, the PR who has been chasing Marcel as a client, decides it is time to take action and sets up the team captain on a date with Jordan.

The plan is for him to be seen with the glamour model, be pictured by the paparazzi and quash the rumours.

The former Page 3 girl, who has a baby son, Harvey, by ex-lover and real life Premiership footballer Dwight Yorke, also gave the crew and actors an eyeful when her basque kept slipping down.

Insiders also said she was flirtatious with the cast and invited some of them to the London club China White.

Jordan, real name Katie Price, revealed she had not had any acting lessons for the part and admitted she hated the way she looked on screen.

She was glad she tried acting but was more keen to get into music.

Critics, however, panned her performance.

TV columnist Tricia Martin said that despite Jordan having done years of research for the part with the likes of Dwight Yorke she had "heard more emotion from the speaking clock".

Jordan can be seen in Dream Team: Bending The Truth on Sky One, on Sunday at 8pm.