Self-appointed street doctor Christina Hadleigh has issued a challenge to councillors: Put your muscle where your mouth is.

Ms Hadleigh is fed up with the state of her neighbourhood, saying rubbish bags are allowed to pile up outside homes.

Now she is demanding councillors take the lead in keeping their streets free of litter.

She became a "street doctor" after Brighton and Hove City Council suggested the idea to appoint volunteer wardens to keep an eye on the tidiness of their street and report any mess to council officers.

The council put the scheme on hold while it sorted out the organisation of its refuse and cleaning service.

Ms Hadleigh wants the council to make the scheme a priority and said not enough is being done to ensure her street, Tisbury Road in Hove, is being kept clean.

She said rubbish bags were often left on the path too early for collection and unwanted furniture and rubbish were left on the pavement.

The street-proud resident is single-handedly battling to keep her road and neighbouring streets clean.

Every time she spots a problem with rubbish, she informs the council.

Ms Hadleigh said: "I just think someone has got to keep it going."

She wants to see the scheme launched officially - and for environment councillor Chris Morley and his team to get their hands dirty by mucking in.

Ms Hadleigh said: "They should put their effort where their mouth is.

"The only way to get the public on your side is to be seen to be taking action.

"I want the council to live up to what they want to get going. I would like to be part of it officially."

However, Ms Hadleigh believes the council should employ paid inspectors to do the job she does voluntarily.

She said: "No one is willing to do anything for free except for people like me who are classed as weirdos. Community spirit is thing of the past these days."

Councillor Morley said he already makes sure the area where he lives is kept tidy.

He said: "I think we all do. When we see things in the street that need attention we do things about it. We are not resting on our laurels."

He praised Ms Hadleigh's good work and promised to deal with the problems in her road.

He said: "I am really grateful she has brought it to our attention."

Coun Morley said now the street cleaning in the city had improved, the street doctor idea would be looked at again.

He said: "When we do, we have a list of those who gave their names last year. She will be one of those referred to."