The suburban middle classes, of which I am part, are not used to immigration. They live outside major town centres deliberately, to feel safe and avoid riff-raff.

In the past ten years in Italy, where I came from, we have had thousands of immigrants smuggled in by the various mafias.

The vast majority are very good people, well accepted and useful to the national economy and have had to go through some incredibly tough times to get a decent quality of life. Some are criminals. That goes within any population.

Saltdean's residents are mainly elderly and families. They have the right to know if the area is going to turn into St Leonards. They are worried about safety, nhs and property issues.

If the Government and the local council don't give precise answers to the local residents, I am not surprised if Joe Public reacts against the idea.

And then who's going to be responsible for racism?

-L Bonoldi, Saltdean