A fight broke out minutes before a teenager was killed by a motorist deliberately mounting the pavement, a jury was told.

Two youths and van driver Steve Wright were involved in the scuffle, with one person being headbutted and kneed in the groin, the jury was told.

Lewes Crown Court heard Wright, 34, of Orchard Way, East Grinstead, started the fight with the youths on December 7 last year.

Moments after the brawl at Station Approach, East Grinstead, Wright drove into 18-year-old David Elwood, the court was told. Mr Elwood died two days later from his injuries.

Wright denies murder and an alternative charge of causing death by dangerous driving. He also denies attempting to cause grievous bodily harm to Thomas Barnes, 17.

Passer-by Andrew Senior told the jury: "As I was approaching I heard a car screeching to a halt.

"As I was walking up Railway Approach I saw a van in the middle of the road.

"The driver got out of the van, the door was left open. He went around the back of the van and there were two lads there and they had a confrontation. He was angry, aggressive maybe.

"They were saying things to each other but I could not say what they were.

"I believe it was the driver who threw the first punch. Then I remember quite a few other lads coming from nowhere really."

Mr Senior told the court one of the youths taunted the driver saying, "Do you think you are man enough?" and throwing punches at him.

The court then heard from witness Amanda Sturgess who was a passenger in a car going past the scene. She described seeing one of the people fighting being headbutted and kneed in the groin.

Earlier, the court heard a 16-year-old girl describe seeing her friend David Elwood "spreadeagled" across the front of the van.

Laura Walmsley said she was walking with friends, including Mr Elwood, along Station Approach but the group had separated into smaller parties and she had gone ahead.

Describing the moment she became aware of the collision, she said: "I looked up. I saw a body on the bonnet. I looked away to say something to somebody and then I looked back again.

"The van was moving. The person was spreadeagled across the bonnet. I think his chest was downwards but I am not quite sure.

"There were not many jerky movements. It was being driven quite normally as far as I remember.

"I saw the van driving off and Dave was in the middle of the road."

The trial continues.