"What's wrong with my song?" demanded George Long, who was playing Four-Eyed Moe. "Don't you like it?"

"Er, it's a very nice song," gulped a man in a blue shirt, sitting five rows from the front.

As the rest of the audience sniggered, the blue-shirted (and now red-faced) man had been dragged on stage to sing solo.

His crime? He had been spotted not singing along to the song designated to the audience by the actors.

There was no excuse - we had all been handed word-sheets. The man became the unofficial star of the show and looked like he rather enjoyed his public humiliation by the end of it.

If he didn't, the rest of the audience did, from the woman who clapped out of time throughout the entire show to her friend happily heckling the actors at every opportunity.

The show follows a lonely character called Nomax (humorously played by Colin Roy), who has been dumped by his girlfriend and is left wallowing in self-pity.

But five snappily-dressed characters - the Moes - jump out of his radio on a mission to teach him the error of his ways.

The story is told through the music and songs of Forties jazz musician Louis Jordan.

The cast worked hard at providing a party atmosphere as well as some quality entertainment and plenty of laughs.

By the end of the first half, the show had turned almost panto-esque with the Royal Circle trying to out-sing the stalls (and failing).

The sing-along was only rivalled by a couple-of-hundred-people-long conga line across the stage and out to the bar for the interval.

The music was fantastic with great solos by Big Moe (Marvin Springer) and Four-Eyed Moe (Long) and a beautiful version of Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby, performed by all the Moes.

The second half of the show is set in The Funky Butt Club, allowing the Moes to legitimately perform a few cabaret acts as well as indulge in more audience participation.

The set is kept simple, with the show relying on its stars to create an atmosphere - and it works.

To all those prone to getting carried away by the party spirit- you have been warned.

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Review by Unity Wroe, unity.wroe@theargus.co.uk