Crystal Palace fanzine Eagle Eye once tried to sever all rivalries with Brighton because they thought the Albion weren't a big enough team to be rivals with.

A fact that surely won't be forgotten when 9,000 of us are packed into Selhurst Park next season.

That South London arrogance reared its ugly head again at the weekend when Alan Pardew, the former Palace midfield 'playmaker' and now manager of Reading said before Saturday's promotion showdown at Griffin Park: "I feel sorry for Brentford as they find themselves up against the best team in the League."

The best answer for that laughable quote is to recall the words of a far better manager, Micky Adams, who said on numerous occasions: "The league table doesn't lie."

The hilarity at the Royals expense continued on Sunday afternoon when Meridian covered Reading's promotion celebrations.

Apparently 7,000 fans were packed in to the Madjeski Stadium to welcome home their heroes and a further 7,000 cheered them around the town on the open-top bus parade. God help Reading if Kylie Minogue ever comes to town, there will be mayhem!

This Saturday the Albion have their own victory parade. Please note Mr Pardew: there will be a piece of silverware on show.

Since the final whistle at the Swindon game I have lost count of the number of people who have said: "Now the Albion are in Division One the council have got to do something."

In a perfect world that would certainly be the case, but no one should be naive enough to think that the entire council are behind either the club or Falmer.

I once heard it said by a respected local journalist that a number of people on the council wouldn't approve of Albion until they had a one-legged, black lesbian playing for them, although didn't Jimmy Case try and sign one once?

What better way to prove all doubters and the fence-sitters wrong than for as many of the football-loving public of Sussex to pack the city's streets on Saturday?

I cannot put a figure on how many I think will turn out, but if anyone reading this has any feeling for the club then please come out and support the parade.

One thing's for sure - it will be more than 14,000. And correct me if I'm wrong, but two months ago didn't Reading claim they could have sold 24,000 home tickets for the visit of the Albion?

As it appears that almost every B-list celebrity that has ever set foot in Brighton is being put forward for induction into the Walk of Fame, I hope it will be nothing more than a formality when it comes to nominating Albion chairman Dick Knight for induction into the walkway.

I don't always agree with what he says and he has certainly taken issue with some of my opinions over the years, but there is no getting away from the fact that he is one of the most important figures in Albion's history. And whether the luvvies like it or not, Albion are a big part of the city's cultural infrastructure.

Another name I would like to put forward, and one that will certainly raise a few eyebrows, is that legend of the airwaves Tony Millard.

Putting aside our radio station rivalries, no-one can argue that Tony is very good at what he does. I can recall listening to him report on Albion when I was at junior school and here I am, almost knocking 40, and he's still doing it. Over the years he's brought Albion into thousands of households in the county. Surely that community service alone should see him at the very least discussed for induction.

Collectively, perhaps the Albion support might also be considered?

I appreciate a crowd has to be controlled, but from were I was sitting it appeared that the Stoke Constabulary were marking what would have been Hitler's 113th birthday by behaving like the Gestapo at Vale Park on Saturday.

See you all at the parade!