I was intrigued by Don McBeth's mock-up showing his version of the proposed development of a permanent home at Falmer.

It is quite obvious he has taken the stadium, turned it a good 90 degrees and then stuck it on top of the Downs, south of Village Way and further up the hill than even the Albion may have planned to develop, as opposed to set down into the ground in Village Way North.

He also referred to the posters around the city as an "artist's impression". They use, in fact, a computer-generated image taking in the true topography of the land and the architect's figures and calculations.

It would have been helpful if The Argus had printed a copy of the poster Mr McBeth was complaining about alongside his version so people could see both sides of the debate.

I appreciate there are quite a few residents of Brighton and Hove and the surrounding area who are opposed to the proposed development but, please, when you complain or have your say, at least get your facts right.

-S A Watts, Avalon Way, Worthing