I am not surprised Phyllis Dresden and the residents of Grand Avenue, Hove, feel very aggrieved about yet another cost-cutting exercise which has depressed the appearance of this imposing boulevard (The Argus, April 12).

This magnificent avenue in the centre of Hove is further marred by pedestrian railings which are rusted red from one end to the other.

The scene is repeated with rusty public seats facing Brighton and Hove City Council's offices and along the promenade, where most are in a dilapidated condition with missing parts.

The seafront shelters are an affront to all and some are ripe for demolition.

In contrast, Eastbourne and Worthing street furniture is attractive to residents and visitors alike.

This also applies to Continental seaside resorts, which make every effort to welcome visitors with colourful detail.

In my view, the city council is not making enough effort.

Giving financial constraints as the reason for lack of basic maintenance is an admission of failure to properly apportion taxpayers' funds.

-S Lipman, The Drive, Hove