"England boss backs stadium bid" was a recent headline in The Argus. The article went on to imply that he backed the bid for Falmer.

What does Sven-Goran Eriksson know about Falmer though? Obviously he would back a football stadium for Brighton and Hove (he's into football, after all) but surely he would back the stadium wherever it is intended to be built?

I am sure he would back a proposal for the Shoreham site as well. I agree the city should have a sporting arena but not on a greenfield site, nor in a place where there are insurmountable transport problems, nor in an area that is too small.

What is wrong with all these people who believe, because they have the backing of huge numbers of football fans and football is such a mainstream sport, they have the right to destroy ever-increasing areas of our countryside?

Why should the lives of those who want to live in and enjoy being in a quiet area be ruined for the sake of football?

You can bet your bottom dollar that if I applied for permission to build an indoor snowdome or a motocross track or similar at Falmer, my application would be put straight in the council dustbin.

This whole scheme is, as usual, seemingly driven by money to benefit Brighton and Hove city to the detriment of those on the outskirts.

-Peter Millis, Chalkland Rise, Woodingdean