Nigel Baker seems to have a very big and personal axe to grind with Lord Bassam (Letters, April 10) but that does not give him an excuse to mislead and misrepresent.

As I am sure Mr Baker well knows, the land that would be used for the community stadium is adjacent to University of Brighton buildings and alongside the busy A27 trunk road - hardly representative of the South Downs.

This is not about profit-seeking developers. Brighton and Hove Albion, dear to the hearts of thousands in the city and far beyond, have risen from near oblivion to unbelievable success in just five short years.

Last weekend, the Albion won back-to-back championships - a magnificent feat achieved by only a handful of clubs - and all this without a home of their own.

Just think what could be achieved with a proper stadium and not just in footballing terms.

The stadium would also bring huge benefits to the community of which the club is such an integral part.

-Simon Levenson, Livingstone Road, Hove