What a fantastic day Saturday was - the Albion's second successive championship.

My best mate and I turned up in the vain hope of getting in but no tickets were to be had anywhere.

I reckon they could have sold 40,000. Then a top man from Swindon sold us a brace of tickets at face value.

Sitting in among the away fans held no trepidation for us (19 years ago, we stood in an end with 15,000 Manchester United fans at the two-all draw), although the match was a shocker.

It put us in mind of a similar match at the Goldstone in 1975 when we achieved promotion to the same division.

There were well over 30,000 there - and the manager's name? Peter Taylor! It sure is a funny old game. All the best to the team next season.

-Martin Turnbull, East Grinstead