A stretch of Brighton's seafront is due to get a much-needed facelift thanks to £77,000 of planned improvements.

The Kemp Town seafront will see refurbishment made to its shelters and benches as well as £6,000 of resurfacing on Madeira Terrace and Colonnade.

Madeira Lift, which provides a vital service for disabled people, the elderly and parents with prams, will get £8,000 in maintenance as part of the plans which were agreed by a Brighton and Hove City Council's policy and resources committee earlier this week.

Gill Mitchell, Labour ward councillor for King's Cliff, said: "We are very pleased this investment is being made. Betsy Brewer and myself have been lobbying for our bit of the seafront to be maintained and now it will be.

"Some of the work has needed to be done for some time. The Kemp Town seafront is a vital showcase for Brighton and Hove.

"It is one of our main attractions from a heritage point of view and also from the point of view of the residents who live there and enjoy using it."

Work on refurbishing and redecorating the railings on Kemp Town's seafront began last year.

Coun Mitchell hopes the new money will further the improvements to as far as Duke's Mound.

She said: "We are calling on the council to ensure that the works are carried out to a high quality.

"All the work will be done within the next financial year but we hope our work will get priority in time for the summer season.

"This is going to make a significant difference."