Residents are furious after a Worthing pub was granted a public entertainments licence despite their objections.

They feared they would suffer from increased noise, antisocial behaviour, vandalism and parking problems if the plans for the Jolly Brewers pub in Clifton Road got the go-ahead.

Now the pub is free to have live music and karaoke from 7pm to 11pm weekdays and noon to 10.30pm on Sundays and bank holidays.

Peter Malcolm-Bentzon, 59, of Clifton Road, said: "I am very disappointed. "The noise from the pub already travels down the street and parking is terrible."

He fears live music at the pub will make life difficult for residents.

Mr Malcolm-Bentzon said: "We already have people coming along Clifton Road yelling and screaming when the pubs and clubs close without the problem of the Jolly Brewers.

"It seems like every shop which closes is turned into a pub or wine bar. I don't know what the council is thinking of."

Jean Waddington, 56, who lives in Victoria Court, Clifton Road, said: "There are a lot of elderly residents living nearby and their welfare should be considered."

Other residents feared more smashed glass, bad language and fighting in the residential road.

One person wrote to the council and said noise from the pub made "us think we had a DJ at the bottom of our bed".

Councillor George Stephens said: "We decided to grant the licence because the pub was out of the town centre.

"We have imposed very tight conditions on sound levels so neighbours will not be disturbed."