Before officials of Lewes District Council order more desecration of graves containing loved ones, including war dead who lost their lives fighting for their freedom, they might care to reflect on the words broadcast to the French people by Winston Churchill in the dark days of October 1940: "We do not covet anything from any nation exept their respect."

In his speech of June, 1941, he urged the people of London with one voice to say to Hitler, "You do your worst and we will do our best."

And to the people of Lewes and Seaford so horribly wronged by the council, I echo the words of our great wartime leader and say do not flag or fail. Let the battle of the graveyards begin.

Fight with growing confidence and strength to defend your sacred burial grounds, whatever the cost, and never surrender. Brace yourselves to your duties and if your burial grounds last for a thousand years, men will say, "This was your finest hour."

-E South, Glenfalls Avenue, Brighton