Almost £120,000 will be spent next year on maintaining a building which might be demolished.

Brighton and Hove City Council is considering what to do with the ageing King Alfred leisure centre in Hove.

The council is considering three options - an entirely new building, refurbishment or a combination.

The policy committee has put aside £119,900 for the building in its maintenance budget.

Tory councillor Pat Drake asked whether the spending was worthwhile in view of the uncertainty.

But deputy council leader Jackie Lythell said the centre was still operating and had to comply with health and safety regulations.

Work includes maintaining mechanical plant, fire doors, the fire alarm system at the suite and an intruder alarm system.

The council also has to repair concrete, stone and brickwork, improve a water tank, replace fire doors, inspect water-slides in the main pool, carry out electrical work and replace railings.

Although a task group is looking at different schemes for renovating or replacing the buildings, it is likely to be some time before a planning application is approved and work can start.

Up to £16 million will be needed to regenerate the leisure centre.

Part of the cash could be raised by allowing developers to build housing on part of the prime seafront site.

The three options for the future of the centre will be presented to a public meeting of the King Alfred steering group on March 19.

The main building was completed in 1939 and used for naval training during the Second World War before opening in 1946. New baths were added in 1982.