Five members of the Simon Jones Memorial Campaign have been charged following a protest at the docks where the student died.

Simon's head was crushed in a mechanical grab as he worked in the hold of a ship unloading sacks of stones.

The accident happened just hours after he started work as a casual labourer for Euromin at Shoreham harbour in April 1998.

Last November, following years of campaigning by Simon's family, Euromin was fined £50,000 with £20,000 costs for two health and safety violations.

The judge said the firm's failure to carry out a proper safety assessment could have contributed to the death of the 24-year-old Sussex University student.

But both Dutch-owned Euromin and manager Richard Martell were cleared of manslaughter.

Following the verdicts, about 30 campaigners held a protest at Euromin's docks on December 3.

Five people were yesterday charged with "besetting" under the 1992 Trade Union and Labour Regulations (Consolidation) Act.

They were named as Fara Bishnani, 26, of Brighton; Carly North, 25, of Brighton; Sarah McLoughlin, 27, of Brighton; Chrispin Dowler, 23, of Hove and David Harbinson, 33, of Hove.

They are due to appear at Worthing Magistrates Court next Wednesday.

The defendants have indicated they will plead not guilty.

If convicted, they could each face a fine and up to six months in prison.

Members of the Simon Jones Memorial Campaign have said they plan another peaceful demonstration outside the court.

Meanwhile, campaigners and members of Simon's family plan to hold a rally at the Komedia, Gardner Street, Brighton, on Monday, from 7pm until 12.30am.