Police are trying to trace a man in connection with the death of a drinker from a heroin overdose, an inquest heard.

Thomas Morgan, 58, was found dead in his flat in Richmond Road, Brighton, in August last year.

Mr Morgan, who drank about eight to nine pints a day and was a regular drinker at The Level, died of a fatal dose of heroin.

His friend Gloria McAleese told the Brighton hearing Mr Morgan revealed to her he occasionally took the drug.

She said: "He told me he could not inject himself. He said he was not a junkie but he used heroin occasionally."

The inquest heard how Ms McAleese, of Upper Lewes Road, found Mr Morgan dead at his home.

She felt concerned after not seeing him for a few days and called at his flat, but there was no answer at the door.

She saw him through the window sitting in an armchair and thought he was asleep.

She climbed in the window and discovered he was dead.

There were two needle marks in his arm and traces of heroin were on a syringe and spoon found at his home.

Det Sgt Peter Smith said police at first treated Mr Morgan's death as suspicious.

The police received information that a man had visited Mr Morgan's home and a van believed to have belonged to him was found outside the dead man's flat.

DS Smith said: "Myself and other officers have been unable to trace him. We wanted to interview him in connection with Mr Morgan's death.

"At this stage there is no evidence to support any criminal proceedings in relationship to Mr Morgan's death."

Assistant deputy coroner for Brighton and Hove, Lesley Padgett, recorded an open verdict.

She said: "It is not clear to me how that heroin was administered, whether he injected himself or was injected by someone else.

"Unfortunately the police inquiries have not been able to establish whether the man known as Jurassic was involved in his death."