All of Brighton's swim squad have been put on the world class performance programme of Claire Manton.

The 14-year-old was selected by the Amateur Swimming Association to take part in the initiative which is aimed at turning her into an Olympic swimmer.

Brighton believe 30 of the club's 50-strong squad would improve if they copied her schedule.

Club press officer Brian Smith said: "There has been some amazing differences already. The fact we got so close to Portsmouth in qualifying for the regional Speedo League finals is a case in point.

"The squad now does five nights training a week, in the pool and on land, totalling ten-and-a-quarter hours and are careful about what they eat and drink. Individuals even keep their own log book of their times and diet.

"Sometimes parents fill in the books but I've noticed the kids do take the time and trouble to do it themselves, like my young son.

"I'm sure Bill Sweetenham, the chief ASA performance director who helped the likes of Australian Olympic superstar Ian Thorpe, would be impressed."

Smith believes the city of Brighton and Hove could get even stronger.

He said: "There are three clubs clubs in Brighton and Hove, including ourselves, Dolphin and Shiverers, and, if we combined, we would have a fantastic squad that would show just how much talent the city has."

Manton scored two victories at the Bath Age Group Championships and the Leatherhead Open at Crystal Palace.