If A Bruggi (Letters, December 28) was the Albion fan he says he is, he would realise the benches, as he calls them, could not be situated in the north side of the ground because some of the seats are at pitch level and would obstruct the fans' view of the game.

I cannot see how he says the dug-outs are too close to the fans. They are at least 15 feet from the front of the south stand and occupants still have to get down the steps to the track. You always get the idiots who do get down to the track and we could do without them.

I have found security and stewarding at matches very good. In most grounds, the dug-outs are either up against the perimeter wall or set back with fans either side of the them. This includes Premiership grounds too.

If this is all Mr Bruggi has to moan about, he's lucky.

-Bernie Dawes, St Peters Place, Lancing