A woman has been awarded £1.4 million damages after suffering horrific head injuries in a car crash.

Kerry Rimer, 33, a trainee bar manager has been left with a poor memory and relies on a wheelchair to get about after the accident with a taxi four years ago.

This week she was awarded £1.4 million in the High Court after making an application through her mother, Finola Griffiths.

Mrs Griffiths is overjoyed with the award because it secures her daughter's future.

She said: "It was brilliant news, really good because the insurance company fought us every step of the way.

Mrs Griffiths, who has two other children with her husband, Alan, said: "Kerry has bought a house near us in Bexhill and we are going to share half of it with her so one of us can always look after her.

"The terrible part about head injuries is they take away the person that was there before.

"She is like a young teenager but she is content and that is the main thing."

She said Kerry's memory was badly affected and she did not remember what she was like before the accident or growing up.

She had also lost her sense of smell and taste.

Mrs Griffiths, who lives in Stonehouse Drive, St Leonards, said: "Having the money just means we can have the house adapted for her needs and can provide for her.

"It's not like winning the lottery - it just means we can look after her."

Kerry was injured as she walked to her house opposite the pub where she was working in Kent.

The taxi driver denied responsibility for the accident.

Mrs Griffiths said: "I never met him all through the case but I'm sure he went through his own personal hell as well."

She said it was unlikely Kerry's condition would improve but the family was looking towards the future.

She said: "I hope no other family has to endure what we went through and see all the things we did.

"We are going to give her a happy life."