How glad I am to be able to agree entirely at last with Mr R Symonds of Crawley (Letters, December 24) about something.

For heaven's sake, Titnore Wood must be saved from the building of hundreds of houses on it.

I have lived close to this lovely old plantation for most of my life and am horrified at the thought of this savage vandalism, which will not even help the homeless people of Sussex because the houses are mainly meant for yet more people from outside our county, many of them wealthy and already having good homes of their own anyway.

If all those who feel concerned write to their MP, their council, the Woodland Trust or the Press or make any other protest they can, this may well do some good.

Perhaps if the houses are not built, dear old Titnore Lane will not be widened and ruined too. Many thanks to The Argus for all its work on this sad affair.

-Richard Halfpenny, New Road, Rustington, Littlehampton