Just as I predicted two weeks ago, Gannett hasn't "got" to me and I am still here.

So, too, is New Year but we thoughtlessly forgot to tell readers in advance The Argus wouldn't be published on the first day of 2002. Our sincere apologies to everyone who rang in to complain, including newsagents and other outlets, although they had been informed by letter.

It was good to know, however, how much we were missed.

Meanwhile, my Christmas "present", announced a fortnight ago, of returning our television listings to their original format has found favour with readers.

David Peirce and John Plowman - two of the more vocal complainers - say they are very pleased. John adds he should no longer accidentally record ITV programmes instead of Channel 4 ones and vice versa.

Dorothy Hobden, who describes herself as one of the "silent ones" who didn't like the change but didn't complain, is equally delighted, adding: "We eagerly devour The Argus every evening so, you see, we are fans really." Many thanks to Dorothy, David and John and everyone like them and a reminder that we revert as of Monday.

Jerry Laurie, who you may remember I referred to two weeks ago, says he is not a "planning expert" as we dubbed him in our Christmas Eve report on his protest at the erection of a phone mast near his home in Hove.

In fact he is a retired chartered surveyor and a "fellow of an honoured institution". He does say, however, he would love one day to have the "expert" moniker given him in our otherwise "excellent" report.

Now to Andrew Garrood, of Brighton, who says he was surprised that one of Monday's letter writers, Mrs S Dearling, of Peacehaven, had detected Labour bias in last Thursday's Adam Trimingham column which welcomed the introduction of the euro.

"Surprised, that is," he says, "that she hadn't noticed far sooner.

"Your bias is already so well displayed by the weak criticism of the council over parking, rubbish collection and loss of funding for voluntary groups. As for Trimingham joining in with President Tony's propaganda offensive over the euro, this is merely par for the course."

Well, for your information Mr Garrood, this paper has no political or other allegiance and if you don't think we've hammered the council over issues then you've been reading another paper. We rubbished it over last year's bins and street cleaning fiasco and it was this paper which first revealed and continues to highlight the cuts in the voluntary groups' grants.

As to parking, The Voice of the Argus has been largely supportive of the council because, despite teething problems (all of which we have highlighted), the scheme has helped clear the streets of motorists who flout the law and left spaces free for residents. We support both of those aims. Perhaps you don't.

Adam is allowed to express an opinion in his column because that is what it is for - just like our other opinion columnist John Parry (who often takes a contrary view) and, of course, our letters page for readers. Adam's privilege has been earned by more than 30 years covering Sussex news and politics.

Incidentally, the introduction of the euro means the pound abroad panel on our daily City page has now been reduced and the spare space filled with other useful information, including the Retail Price Index, the Bank of England base rate and the UK unemployment rate. I hope readers like this.

Finally, I wish you all a belated happy New Year.