Liberal Democrats are calling on Brighton and Hove to become the first UK city to embrace the Euro.

Britain is one of the few EU members not to have joined the single European currency this year.

Lib Dems say the council should encourage shops and other businesses to accept the Euro.

Group leader Paul Elgood said: "It provides an exciting opportunity for cities such as Brighton and Hove to attract business and tourism.

"Continental visitors and companies will not now want to use the pound and will look to areas where the Euro is readily accepted to do their business."

Coun Elgood said the debate should not be about whether the Euro should be introduced in the UK but about making sure local enterprises got what they could from the change across the continent.

He added: "With a potential recession looming and a clear downturn in tourism industries, Brighton and Hove could attract visitors by marketing itself as a Euro-friendly city.

"Like it or not, the Euro is going to play a major part in our lives. Brighton and Hove can only benefit from being at the forefront of this.

"We cannot afford to be left behind. The business is going to go somewhere, so let's make sure it's here."