Adam Trimingham is not doing himself justice as the "Sage of Sussex" (The Argus December 27).

The whole point about staying out of the euro arrangements is the UK keeps control of its interest rates and therefore of the economy.

It has nothing to do with being "little Englanders" or being sentimental and everything to do with economics.

Once you enter, there is no possibility of pulling out and all your hard-earned reserves of cash and gold have to be handed over.

The inhabitants of the 12 countries adopting the euro have to accept whatever interest rate is decided by the Central Bank in Frankfurt - one size fits all.

Except, of course, that it does not. Germany needs a lower rate than is current, while Ireland needs a higher one.

The inhabitants of those countries have no option but to use the euro and they, unlike Denmark and eventually ourselves, have had no chance to express their approval or otherwise.

It is absurd to presume by staying out the UK will suffer hideous consequences - we are quite capable of looking after ourselves despite all the unwanted burdens and restrictions forced on us by Brussels.

We may well be glad not to have to change currencies throughout the 12 countries when we visit but that does not mean the UK should adopt the euro.

Therefore let us be proud to stand on our own feet and not be sheep in the EU fold.

-R F Turtle, Hawkins Close, Shoreham-by-Sea