Customers were warned today that hot dog cans in their cupboards could explode.

The Food Standards Agency issued the alert after customers reported the cans, sold in Lidl and Asda stores in Bognor, blew up when opened.

Arun Council's health team said other people had complained of fizzing and foul smelling contents in the cans.

Warning notices have gone up in the stores and suspect cans have been removed from the supermarket shelves.

Customers have been told not to eat or open the hot dogs.

A spokesman said: "Cans sold in Lidl supermarkets, which have ring pulls, can explode and there is a small risk of people cutting their fingers.

"Microbiological examination of the cans previously on sale at Lidl and Asda supermarkets revealed bacteria growth indicating either under-processing or post-processing contamination.

"This could pose a small risk of food poisoning, although there are no known complaints alleging illness after eating these hot dogs."

He said because the cans concerned had a long shelf life it was possible people may have tins in their cupboards and be unaware of the risk.

The hot dogs were manufactured in the Netherlands and the Food Standards Agency has alerted the Dutch authorities to the problem.

The affected Lidl products were Dulano and Chira hot dogs which are in 400g cans with a best before date of September 2004.

Smart Price hot dogs, sold at Asda, in 400g cans with a best before date of September 2003, were also affected.

Customers can return the cans to the store they bought them from for a full refund.