Racism and sexism are today regarded as socially unacceptable.

Now ageism should be added to the list after the disgraceful treatment of a Brighton businessman who was barred from entering a Brighton pub because he was too old.

Pub chain C-Side ought to be ashamed after John Deverell, 54, was banned from the new Polar Bar Central in Queens Road.

He was allowed in to tell members of his staff already inside enjoying a Christmas drink that he was unable to join them.

His son was also barred because he wasn't dressed trendily enough.

Mr Deverell is quite rightly furious, saying: "They would not get away with barring someone on the grounds of race, sex or religion."

It is to be hoped that the ban was the result of an over-zealous doorman not fully understanding his brief on the rules of entry.

If it wasn't, then C-Side will have a lot of explaining to do to a large section of the Brighton population in the coming weeks.