This year, my wife and I travelled to the Mosel region of Germany to visit the Christmas markets, which we enjoyed very much.

During our visit to the small town of Bernkastel, my wife was unlucky enough to fall and break her left wrist in two places.

The response from local people was immediate. At least a dozen rushed forward to help and, after my wife was back on her feet, assisted her into the local town hall to be seated.

One of our German helpers rang for a doctor while another rang for a taxi. The doctor advised us by phone to go directly to the hospital because he thought X-rays would be necessary.

Two of our helpers insisted on remaining with us until the taxi arrived in case we needed further assistance.

The taxi took us to the nearest hospital, where my wife was examined within 15 minutes.

X-rays confirmed the breaks would require pinning and this was done immediately.

The accident occurred at 10.45am and we were back in our hotel at 12.30pm, all treatment complete.

I cannot praise the concern and kindness shown to us by the people of Bernkastel and their local hospital enough.

With a somewhat jaundiced view it could be thought, had the accident happened in Brighton and Hove, we would have heard only complaints from people about having to walk around us and the smiles would have been from muggers and thugs as they ran off with my wife's handbag and jewellery.

I am sure our hospital would have done its best but the last time my wife broke her arm, she had to wait four hours to be seen by a doctor.

I recommend to anyone visiting the Continent that they take a valid form E111 with them.

Our mishap cost only taxi fares and DM9 (£3) for prescribed pain suppressants.

Our German helpers refused payment for the telephone calls.

-D R Davies, Shepham Avenue, Saltdean