Hardy swimmers took to the sea for a dip on a bright and sunny Christmas Day.

They braved a water temperature of 4C (40F) for their traditional annual plunge at Brighton.

Crowds of onlookers watched and cheered as more than 30 men and women stripped off to swim off the Albion beach, just west of the Palace Pier, at 11am.

Members of Brighton Swimming Club played in the icy surf, throwing a ball to each other and riding the crashing 5ft breakers.

Member Andrew Remedious, who has been taking a daily dip for six years, said: "You get a nice lift from the waves. It was colder than usual but great fun."

Meanwhile, Dr John Bull, medical director of Worthing Hospital, has no qualms about Boxing Day

Over the past few years he has run into the surf at Splash Point, Worthing, on December 26 to raise thousands of pounds for charity, including the children's centre at Worthing.

This year was no different, and he was joined by Stuart Heatherington, chairman of Worthing and Southlands Hospitals Trust, and other medical bravehearts.

Hundreds of warmly-clothed spectators gathered to watch the intrepid band take the plunge.