Sussex workers for power company Seeboard are set to become TV stars in the New Year.

They feature in a series of four commercials filmed in Sussex for the firm.

The light-hearted, spoof documentary adverts aim to show colleagues coming up with ideas to benefit customers.

The first, filmed in Hove and Peacehaven, jokes that employees drive their families up the wall with their constant money and energy- saving ideas.

The second, set in Saltdean Football Club, focuses on a referee working closely with his linesman at the kick-off of the Seeboard Business Assist scheme.

Startled shoppers in Saltdean and golfers in Seaford may have been puzzled by the sight of a frantically scribbling man running around in his dressing gown during the shooting of advert number three.

He is so inspired by an idea he has had in the bath, he does not even pause to get dressed before leaving for the office.

The fourth advert, filmed in Battle, features staff camping miles from anywhere who go on a desperate search for a pen to record their latest ideas.

Auditions were held among the company's 3,300 employees to find people to appear with professional actors in the adverts.

Customer services agent Richard Coleman, 23, from Portslade, was one of those given a prominent role.

He commits a bad tackle during the football advert before arguing with the referee who, in turn, goes to his linesman for advice.

The former baker, who has worked for Seeboard for 18 months, said: "I thought it would be fun to audition for the ads but didn't expect to get such a good role. I haven't done anything like it before.

"It was great to be involved and to find out how much goes into producing something like that."

Producer Vanessa Hetherington said: "The staff we selected were absolutely fantastic.

"Some of them were more professional than the professional actors we worked with."