Museum staff have been forced to delay the opening of a £10 million redevelopment after rain flooded through the roof.

Water soaked into the walls at Brighton Museum and Art Gallery either through a gap in the tarpaulin or a displaced tile during roof works carried out over the summer.

Janita Bagshawe, head of education and visitor services for Brighton and Hove City Council, said the water had not damaged any part of the building but she said the dampness forced staff to set back the relaunch from December to spring next year.

She said staff had to allow the building to dry out fully before moving in any of the collections which are environmentally sensitive.

She said: "Its really only a few weeks and in a way I think opening in the spring would be better anyway as there will be more visitors then. It has not added to any costs.

"The rest of the works have taken shape and the museum has been transformed."